Mouthy Mutt Myrtle and her pals


I am Myrtle currently 15 and 3/4 weeks young, I am a Phu Quoc Ridge Back with an opinion but that is my age. I have a nest so for those who  may be nervous of my kind I do sit quietly there whilst being bribed My favourite at the moment is dried liver.

I am currently making new friends and always up for a play, so bring your humans down they can sit around having their hair done whilst we play. They really do look quite good as they walk out.

It is great I go for strolls on the beach mornings and lunch times where there is always a seagull or two to chase I highly recommend it.

Today we made it all the way down to the fish shop where she bought some fresh sardines, I really do not know why she bothered the rotting ones on the beach are much nicer. When you come down you can have your photo taken with me and I’ll add it to my gallery.

I’ll also have links to sites I have found useful

Best Wishes



Well that was a while ago, I am 2 next month I have lots of new pictures on Instagram @myrtle_quoc look me up. I have still a few opinions, but settle down quickly I am quite unsure of new people so it is best if you ignore me then I find my confidence and come up to you.

I’ve been told to share ,the shop is not mine I do not own it so please still bring yourself down with your humans just give me a call a little in advance.

I will add photos as I’ve eaten so much Honey’s Real dog food, they leave it raw , and chicken wings.. I’ve grown up now. Looking forward to meeting you

Best wishes Myrtle

Me choosing drinks but I settled for ice cubes!

A fine view from an old Sussex pub of the English Serengeti, a free hair cut or blow-dry to anyone who guesses correctly which pub. It is in Sussex, not far from Sheffield park or Nutley.

This is me at the Vachery on Ashdown Forest and the next photo is of Woody my best pal but unfortunately his human crochets  a lot.